Job Opportunities

    There is a lot to learn from passion, and from passionate people. And indeed all our job is about learning, the only way to improve: our products, our services, our Customers and eventually ourselves.

    Headquartered in Milan, with clients and team members across Europe and the US, and thoughts spread all over the world. MainStreaming is a scale up born to deliver video live streaming at its best quality.

    Facts don’t lie

    How is it to work here? Trying to evaluate a company when looking for a new project or a new challenge is not easy at all. And every company claims to be wonderful. We think facts can speak up on our behalf, in a very simple way.

    - We are 47 proud people
    - The team has grown by 10 people in the last 12 months, and more will come
    - Almost 50% of our people are graduated
    - We mainly speak English in office. But people here can speak 7 languages
    - Our CIO is a former IT professor in Università di Milano Bicocca. And he sets the standards for internal educational program
    - 19 out of 40 people are working on the product, in an high end R&D environment: we know we have big challenges and a huge task. That’s why we value people.